Marketing Strategy For Online Leads & Sales
customized doesn't have to be complicated
We specialize in designing a sales process that allows the potential customer to "choose their own adventure" through a dynamically created path (through ads) that mimics the natural buyer journey.
Are You REALLY Ready To Run Ads?
cause I specialize in marketing, not magic
  • Do you already create consistent social media content?
  •  Do people already BUY your stuff, OPT in, or BOOK appointments ONLINE?
  • Does your website or landing page already CONVERT at 10% or more?
"Don't push people to where you want them to be; meet them where they are."
- Meghan Keaney Anderson
We win the attention and trust of a an ice cold audience by delivering value, CONNECTION, and leadership BEFORE ever asking for action (opt-ins or sales).

- cOMMIT -
Once that cold audience has demonstrated interest, we give them an invitation to COMMIT—while also delivering content that empowers them to make an informed decision. 

We leverage a blend of sales, education, and objection-handling ads that are engineered to give primed, red-hot leads everything they need to PURCHASE with confidence.

The Two Ways To Get Started...
At SocialMANNA we do custom, not cookie cutter. 

That means we REALLY need to understand your business, where you are now (from a digital marketing standpoint) and where you are wanting to go so we can put together a plan to get you there.
power hour strategy session
Let's Take A Look At What's Working, What's Not and Get You A Plan To Get Back On Track
  • Spending money on ads without results?
  • Struggling with part of ALL of your digital marketing?
  • Need a second set of eyes on your marketing plan?
  • Looking for a "next level" strategy?
  • Ready for to map out a plan to get you back on track?
digital foundation audit
Website & Social Media Deep Dive Assessment (including Social Media Mentions)
  • Verification of Traffic Tracking Implementation
  • Site Speed & User Experience Assessment
  • Social Content Assessment & Recommendations
  • Video Content Assessment & Recommendations
  • 1 HR Recorded Strategy Session To Review Results
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